Our independent association for the improvement of the quality of socker sets clear and specific goals. Below we briefly outline the main principles of football development for the 2030 season. The committees of FIFA, UEFA and other international federations are encouraged to read our suggestions and comments in order to form healthy and correct ideas for the development of football in the coming years.

Major changes to the rules of football

Penalty shooting rules

When a penalty is kicked together with the kicker, the goalkeeper also has the right to start moving towards (leaving the goal line.) This will save us from situations where the kicker makes incomprehensible jumps and slows down when breaking through the penalty in football.


Soccer News & Important Alerts

Pressure as a Tactical Method

After the successes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, authors writing about tactics began to often talk about the commitment of one or another team to pressure. Unfortunately, because of this, this term is depreciated more and more, since it is used to describe tactical philosophies that are quite dissimilar to each other. You can say that Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone believe in pressure, and you will be right. But you also won't say absolutely anything useful about how these specialists organize their teams: each of them has a unique approach to putting pressure on the opponent in possession.

Like many tactical innovations, pressure first gained popularity in eastern Europe.

To be effective, pressing requires well-coordinated movement from the entire team. If one footballer follows the ball alone, without support from his comrades, then he will quickly be won back, and noticeable holes will appear in the defense, which the attacking team can easily take advantage of.


Tired of the stupid movie

Watching movies is getting more and more unpleasant. Everywhere there are masculine women who, with arms thin as a reed, scatter men, shoot like snipers and command men. Hey, are you not happy with being a woman and have now taken on a man's job? 

Enough. I cancelling my at&t u-verse, stop watching TV. In general, I'll write a complaint to television, let them figure it out!


Henry and Arsenal: Short Story

Henry has rooted for Arsenal since 1991, and it was in the London club that he grew to the level of a world football star. Despite the doubts of experts about the advisability of the transfer, Wenger was convinced that the player's transfer was worth the money spent. At first, Henry disappointed the fans, for eight full matches he did not manage to score a single goal, journalists expressed the opinion that the player would not be able to adapt to the power and fast play of the English Premier League. After several unsuccessful months, Henri noted that "he has to re-learn all the art of scoring goals." Henry scored the first goal into the opponents' goal only on September 18 in the match against Southampton, more than a month after his transition. At the end of the season, doubts were dispelled, at Arsenal the forward showed impressive statistics - 26 goals. The team, losing to Manchester United, took second place in the championship, reached the UEFA Cup final, but in the last match lost to Turkish Galatasaray in a penalty shootout.


Dribbling with crooked legs: the chances of success

Moderately crooked legs are more suitable for dribbling than perfectly straight shins, according to a study by anonymous researchers at the University of Scotland. Although the research is still in progress and unfinished, this conclusion can be made right now.


Skillset Of A Modern Football Player

The era of "romantic" football has finally come to naught. A modern football player must have, first of all, good athletic data (power, speed, dash), be able to fight power in the penalty area (of course, within the rules.) Of course, no one canceled the technique, good football flair, the ability to quickly make the right decision on the field... but, in general, this is not enough. Therefore, such masters of technical elegant football are going through hard times: Messi, Ozil, Dybala and similar players. High pressure is an important component of football, but such "elegant" players fall out of the game with a high-athletic style.


The new format of the Champions League

The Champions League is about to change again. No, not tomorrow, but in 2024 they should come into force. The main changes will relate to the number of teams in the group stage (it was 32, and will become 36), there will be one standings that take into account the results of all groups, the krupp stage for each team will include 10 matches with equal rating / strength) opponents (5 masts at home and 5 away.) More details about the UEFA regulations will be announced later.